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Ngaliya language group

Mick Wallankarra Tjakamarra.
Mick Wallankarra Tjakamarra. Flinders University Art Museum Collection. Photo: Professor JVS Megaw

about 1910–96

Born west of Karinyarra (Central Mount Wedge), an area for which he was later 'boss' (senior custodian), Tjakamarra worked as a stockman at Glen Helen and Narwietooma stations in his younger days.

He and his countryman Bert Tjakamarra were the traditional owners of the Papunya Honey Ant Dreaming site and authorised the use of its designs in the Papunya School mural, which set the painting movement in motion in 1971.

Mick's great love of painting and his deep knowledge of Aboriginal law had a profound influence on Papunya painting for more than two decades.

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