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Your use of copyright material is subject to this copyright notice.

Copyright notice – your rights to copy material from this website

Material on this website is copyright and is intended for your general use and information. Your use of copyright material is subject to this copyright notice and to this website’s Conditions of use, which can be accessed from the footer of all the main pages of the website.

Copying material owned by the National Museum of Australia

The Museum does not own the copyright in all the material on this website. However, we generally own the copyright in website content that the Museum has developed, and you may use that material subject to this copyright notice.

Unless otherwise indicated (in this copyright notice or in relation to particular material on this website) you may copy, distribute, display, download or print the material on this website for your own personal use, for non-commercial educational purposes or for non-commercial use within your organisation, provided that you attribute the National Museum of Australia.

Some images on Collection Explorer can be downloaded and used under a Creative Commons license or because the images are in the public domain. All other images cannot be used without permission.

All other rights are reserved by the Museum. For example, you will have to obtain permission from the Museum if you wish to:

(a) charge others for access to the material (other than at cost);

(b) include the material in advertising or a product for sale; or

(c) alter the material;

unless a notice for that material provides otherwise.

Requests for permission and general queries about copyright should be directed to or phone +61 2 6208 5150.


All photography on this website is by George Serras, Jason McCarthy, Katie Shanahan, Lannon Harley, Brendan Bell, Dragi Markovic, Dean McNicoll, John Gollings and Richard Poulton, unless otherwise stated.

Photographer's names and copyright details are credited on this website in the full image caption, which is shown when images are enlarged.

Copying material that does not belong to the National Museum of Australia

This notice does not authorise you to copy material which is owned by someone other than the Museum. Such material will usually be identified as being sourced from a third party or by its own copyright notice. If you are unsure who owns the copyright, please contact the Museum on the number above.

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