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Digital excursions

Take advantage of our curriculum-linked programs and virtual tours for schools who can’t make it to the National Museum but want to interact with collections and staff.

Faces of Feminine Power

Years 7–12, available by arrangement until 25 August 2023 by emailing

Explore the exhibition Feared and Revered: Feminine Power through the Ages and learn about spiritual and religious beliefs from cultures across the globe and across time to the present day.

Taking an inquiry approach, students reflect on concepts of the feminine, gender and power, including from the perspective of their own cultural positioning.

For students of history, comparative religion, fine arts, English, philosophy and thinkers from all disciplines.

Group size

Up to 30 students


1 hour




Monday and Tuesday, 11.30am and 1.30pm

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The Australian Nation

Years 5–10

The Australian Nation is a Museum educator-led program where students investigate the theme of nationhood by interrogating objects and exploring themes and defining moments in Australia’s history.

Students have the opportunity to explore important aspects of Australia’s development as a nation, and discuss events and groups of people they deem key in shaping Australia’s identity.

Fight for Indigenous Rights

Years 9–12

Fight for Indigenous Rights is a Museum educator-led program where students investigate the struggle for Indigenous rights and freedoms in Australia by exploring themes of connection to country, inequality and the fight for recognition.

Students apply these themes to case studies such as the Freedom Rides, the Day of Mourning and the Stolen Generations.

Past and Present

Years P–2

Past and Present is an interactive program led by a Museum educator. Through inquiry learning and investigating museum exhibits and objects, educators explore the concepts of ‘past’ and ‘present’ with students.

Students compare aspects of modern life, including music, dance, technology, communication and transport with those of the past, and consider what changes they may see in the future.

Endeavour Voyage

Years 3–10

This Museum educator-led digital program explores the Endeavour voyage, focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences and the experiences of those travelling on the HMB Endeavour.

Students will use inquiry-based learning to investigate the different perspectives of James Cook's 1770 journey. Students will also consider the impacts of the journey on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and how we should collectively remember the voyage into the future.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours of exhibition galleries may also be available on demand. We deliver our virtual excursions through the online platform, Zoom.

For more information or to discuss alternative ways to connect to a tour, email

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