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Pintupi language group

Anatjari (Yanyatjarri) Tjakamarra.
Anatjari (Yanyatjarri) Tjakamarra. Flinders University Art Museum Collection. Photo: Penny Tweedie

about 1938–92

Born in remote southern Pintupi country, Tjakamarra was one of the last of his compatriots to leave his traditional lands. He was part of the original 1971 group of Papunya painters, and produced meticulous work of great precision.

Tjakamarra moved to Tjukurla, Western Australia, in the early 1980s and was based there for most of the decade. In the late 1980s, after a break from painting, he resumed work for Papunya Tula Artists in Kiwirrkura.

He had a solo exhibition in New York in 1989, from which the Metropolitan Museum of Art purchased its first work by a Western Desert artist.

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