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Springfield patriarch William Pitt Faithfull married school teacher Mary Deane in 1844, after arriving on the property that became Springfield in 1828. William and Mary had nine children, who all lived until adulthood. Their eldest daughter Florence was the first custodian of what became the Springfield–Faithfull collection.

Meet the Faithfulls

Learn about the first and second generation of the Faithfull family on Springfield.


William Pitt Faithfull (1806–1889)

Born in Australia, William worked as a merchant before he established Springfield on land granted to him in 1827. He selected 10 merino rams from Sir William Macarthur’s flock to establish the Springfield Merino Stud.

Portrait of William Pitt Faithfull by Joseph Backler, 1845

Mary Faithfull (1813–1889)

Mary Deane and her family arrived in Sydney from Devonshire in 1838. Mary and her sister Ann established the Misses Deane’s school soon after they arrived in New South Wales. William Faithfull’s nieces attended the school and it was through them that he met Mary.

Portrait of Mary Faithfull (nee Deane) by Joseph Backler, 1845

William Percy Faithfull (1844–1924)

Known as Percy, he was the eldest son of William Pitt and Mary Faithfull. Percy was born at Springfield, studied in Sydney and was a member of the New South Wales Volunteer Rifles militia.

William Percy Faithfull, 1870s

George Ernest Faithfull (1846–1910)

He was one of four Faithfull brothers awarded a medal for bravery after being attacked by bushranger Ben Hall and his gang in 1865.

George Ernest Faithfull, 1870s. Springfield–Faithfull family collection, National Museum of Australia

Henry Montague Faithfull (1847–1908)

Known as Monty, he was well-known in Sydney as a lawyer and sportsman. Monty captained the Sydney University cricket team, playing alongside future prime minister Edmund Barton.

Henry Montague Faithfull, 1870s. Springfield–Faithfull family collection, National Museum of Australia

Reginald Faithfull (1850–1882)

Reginald helped manage Springfield and another family property near Narrandera. He died from tuberculosis at the age of 32 years. All his brothers except Percy were with him when he died.

Reginald Faithfull, 1870s

Florence Faithfull (1851–1949)

Known as Flory, she never married and lived in the 'Big House' at Springfield until her death at the age of 98 years. Florence was the first custodian of what became the Springfield-Faithfull collection at the National Museum of Australia.

Florence Faithfull, 1870s

Robert Lionel Faithfull (1853–1930)

Robert studied in Australia and abroad before returning to Australia as a medical practitioner. He treated his brother, Reginald, who died of tuberculosis.

Robert Lionel Faithfull, 1870s

Augustus Lucian Faithfull (1855–1942)

Known as Lucian, the youngest son of William Pitt and Mary Faithfull managed the Springfield stud flock for more than 70 years.

Augustus Lucian Faithfull, 1890s

Constance Mary Faithfull (1857–1938)

Constance lived most of her adult life in England. She travelled with her brothers and her cousin Edgar throughout Europe, India and South America.

Constance Mary Faithfull, 1870s

Frances Lilian Faithfull (1859–1948)

Known as Lilian, she married Springfield employee and family friend William Hugh Anderson at Goulburn in 1898. They lived at ‘Camelot’, near Camden.

Frances Lilian Faithfull, 1870s

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