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Old New Land explored Australia’s diverse and unique plants, animals and environments and how people responded and adapted to the land over time.

Old New Land, originally Tangled Destinies, was on show at the National Museum of Australia from 11 March 2001 to 13 January 2020.

Australia’s unique environment and natural history are explored in Great Southern Land.

Delve deeper into the Museum's collection, to explore more about how land and people, climate, flora, fauna and ecology have shaped life in Australia.

The cultural riches of ancient south-east Australia

Archaeologist Josephine Flood discusses human occupation, artefacts, plants and animals, including bogong moths, in a history of archaeological excavations in the south-eastern highlands of the ACT and NSW, from Cloggs Cave, to Birrigai and Bogong Cave.
Extinction of the thylacine 3:29

The tragic history of the Tasmanian tiger, once found across Australia

Combating feral rabbits in Australia 9:08

Scientist Brian Coman on the impact of rabbits on his life and work

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