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Defining Moments: Fire

ABC RN’s Big Ideas presenter Paul Barclay and expert panel examine how fire has shaped Australia for hundreds of thousands of years and how our relationship with it has changed significantly.
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Presenters: Paul Barclay, Helen Cleugh, Tom Griffiths, Bruce Pascoe, Jane Smyth
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26 May 2019

Over the Rainbow: the other world seen by animals

Atomic, molecular and optical physicist Dr Charles W Clark demonstrates invisible light and discusses how ultraviolet influences the science of physics, astronomy and climate change.

29 Mar 2019

Historical Expression of Chinese Art

Visiting curator Yan Zheng shares valuable insights into the Emperor Qianlong’s Southern Inspection Tour scroll from the exhibition The Historical Expression of Chinese Art: Calligraphy and Painting from the National Museum of China. The lecture is conducted in Chinese and translated by a live interpreter.
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Presenters: Yan Zheng

Beyond buildings and sites

Dr Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy discusses what it would mean if Australia ratified the 2003 UNESCO Convention.
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Presenters: Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy
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