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Featured programs

19 Jul 2019

Tracking Apollo: 50 Years since the Moon Landing

Andrew Tink, author of Honeysuckle Creek: The Story of Tom Reid, a Little Dish and Neil Armstrong’s First Step, and a panel of Apollo trackers tell the story of how a little dish at Honeysuckle Creek near Canberra was behind the global broadcast of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.
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Presenters: Mike Dinn, John Saxon, Gillian Schoenborn, Bryan Sullivan, Andrew Thomas, Andrew Tink

13 Jul 2019

National Endangered Skills and Trades

At the Endangered Skills and Trades seminar, artisans share their stories of the joys and challenges of preserving rare skills and trades. Learn how bookbinders, taxidermists and even locksmiths can provide skills and solutions for an innovative future.
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Presenters: Danny Dawson, Natalie Delaney-John, David Hallam, Garry McLaughlin, Scott McMillan, Victoria Pearce, Aaron Smith, Robin Tait

Defining Moments: Fire

ABC RN’s Big Ideas presenter Paul Barclay and expert panel examine how fire has shaped Australia for hundreds of thousands of years and how our relationship with it has changed significantly.
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Presenters: Paul Barclay, Helen Cleugh, Tom Griffiths, Bruce Pascoe, Jane Smyth

26 May 2019

Over the Rainbow: the other world seen by animals

Atomic, molecular and optical physicist Dr Charles W Clark demonstrates invisible light and discusses how ultraviolet influences the science of physics, astronomy and climate change.
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