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Perspectives on the archaeology and cultural riches of Canberra and the surrounding region. Presented by the Museum Friends and the Canberra Archaeological Society.

Beyond buildings and sites

Dr Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy discusses what it would mean if Australia ratified the 2003 UNESCO Convention.
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Presenters: Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy

Ancient DNA and the origins of Pacific peoples

Professor Matthew Spriggs talks about the ancient DNA ‘revolution’ and how it is rapidly changing our understanding of past human movements.
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Presenters: Matthew Spriggs

The Plain of Jars, Laos

Associate Professor Dougald O’Reilly shares insights from his research on the Plain of Jars in central Laos.
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Presenters: Dougald O’Reilly

Archaeology of Lake George

Anthropologist Amy Way examines the human occupation and environmental prehistory of Lake George – a massive, resource-rich, upland freshwater lake that is unique in Australia – in an attempt to discover more about prehistoric foraging.

Failures, disasters, fractures and lithic technology

The lessons learnt from shipwrecks, collapsed buildings and disasters such as the Avianca air crash are surprisingly useful for understanding how prehistoric artisans produced flaked stone tools.

The Tuggeranong Schoolhouse Museum

Storyteller and curator Elizabeth Burness talks of archaeological finds and stories from the Tuggeranong Schoolhouse in Canberra’s south, from its evolution in the 1870s to its time as private residence and museum.

Today’s Ngunawal culture and country: archaeology from an Aboriginal perspective

Ngunawal elder Wally Bell on keeping cultural and spiritual elements alive when dealing with a very scientific approach to archaeology on his country.

The cultural riches of ancient south-east Australia

Archaeologist Josephine Flood discusses human occupation, artefacts, plants and animals, including bogong moths, in a history of archaeological excavations in the south-eastern highlands of the ACT and NSW, from Cloggs Cave, to Birrigai and Bogong Cave.
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