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Australian design and architecture

The Swayn Centre for Australian Design explores the identity and characteristics of contemporary Australian design through links with the design profession, peak bodies and the National Museum of Australia's vast collection.Logo block featuring the National Museum of Australia and the Alistair Swayn Foundation

Discover stories behind icons of Australian design and architecture and see the work of renowned world-class Australian designers. Learn about the place of design in our past, present and future and explore how design contributes to culture and informs our lives.

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Lyndon Anderson

Swayn Fellow Lyndon Anderson

The Swayn Senior Fellow of Australian Design leads a program aimed at increasing public awareness and connection to design, through collections, collaborations with industry, exhibitions, events and research.

Lyndon Anderson is the 2022–25 Swayn Fellow. He hopes to showcase the work of important Australian designers of the past and the present and help the next generation of designers to find their voice.

Lyndon is keen to establish links to industry, government and Australia’s peak industry bodies for professional design, landscape architecture and architecture.

An expert in design education, research and advocacy, Lyndon has extensive experience and networks in design practice, with professional design industry peak bodies and the Australian university sector.

Lyndon was the Executive Dean of a large multidisciplinary Faculty of Arts and Design and Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching. He holds a PhD in Design and Fellowships with the Royal Society (NSW), the Design Institute of Australia and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Canberra.

About the Swayn Gallery of Australian Design

Alastair Swayn significantly influenced the Australian landscape through his architectural practice and love of design. His appreciation for interdisciplinary collaboration emphasised his commitment to progressing innovative Australian design on a national and international level. He was instrumental in establishing the Gallery of Australian Design as a founding sponsor and board member. Before his death in 2016, Alistair also established the Alistair Swayn Foundation.

The Gallery was renamed the Swayn Gallery of Australian Design (The Swayn) in honour of his contribution. The Swayn, in collaboration with he National Museum of Australia, supports the Swayn Centre for Australian Design and the appointment of a Swayn Senior Fellow in Australian Design.


The National Museum of Australia gratefully acknowledges the generous donation from the Swayn Gallery of Australian Design to make possible the Swayn Centre for Australian Design.

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