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Arm or leg ornament made of the locks of curled human hair wrapped with fibres and set into a plaited band.

Arm or leg ornament ouoho

human hair, plant fibre, Marquesas Islands, w. 16 cm, h. 10 cm, Inv. Oz 112

Breast plate, formed into a crescent-shaped base made of light soft wood tied together. The breast is covered over with the beautiful red and black tropical peas.

Breast ornament (gorget)

wood, resin, beans, Marquesas Islands, w. 27 cm, h. 20 cm, d. 11 cm (neckline), Inv. Oz 111

Fan made of wicker, worked onto a medium-brown polished wooden handle.

Fan tahi’i

wood, wicker, Marquesas Islands, h. 42.5 cm, w. 39 cm, Inv. Oz 108

Headband made of plaited plant fibre that tapers towards the two ends with several plaited strings to fasten it.


plant fibre, Marquesas Islands, l. 37 cm, w. 5 cm, Inv. Oz 105

Headband made of grass and sticks wrapped with fibres attached on either side of the headband which protrudes 11cm above the headband.


plant fibre, sticks, mother-of-pearl, Marquesas Islands, l. 38.5 cm, w. 6 cm, Inv. Oz 106

Headband made of coconut fibres, interwoven, and attached to a round plate of Mother-of-pearl where long black and white tail feathers protrude behind it.

Headband uhikana

shell, tortoiseshell, feathers, plant fibre, Marquesas Islands, l. 39 cm, w. 4.5 cm (band), Inv. Oz 109

Long oar-shaped club made of hard black wood, with a round shaft becoming a flat blade ending in a curve.

Oar-shaped club parahu

wood, Marquesas Islands, l. 256 cm, w. 10.5 cm (max.), Inv. Oz 103

Pendants made of shell, bone, or tooth material threaded with thick twisted cord.

Pendants as breast ornaments ei

shell, bone or tooth, plant fibre, Marquesas Islands, l. 8.4–9.5 cm, w. 2–2.5 cm, Inv. Oz 167, 168, 169

Shell trumpet, made from the shell of the species Triton tritonis, has a blowhole on one side, directly underneath the tip.  It has a fibre band attached like a handle.

Shell trumpet putona

triton shell, cord, Marquesas Islands, l. 32 cm, w. 15 cm, Inv. Oz 326



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