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Place: Marquesas
Category: Ritual

plant fibre, sticks, mother-of-pearl, Marquesas Islands, l. 38.5 cm, w. 6 cm, Inv. Oz 106

Forster Register C.12: ‘a headband made of grass’

On the right at the front, 7.5 cm from the end of the band, a stick wrapped with fibres is attached which protrudes 11 cm above the headband (overall height: 14.7 cm); there is an analogous stick on the left front side, 15 cm from the end of the headband: 13 cm (overall height 18.5 cm); finally, there are the remaining parts of two further, snapped off sticks. A place for attaching an additional stick is still clearly visible from the remains of a string which had been inserted. On the left side, 7cm from the end of the head-band, a rectangular piece of mother-of-pearl has been sewn on. Weave identical to Oz 105. Brigitta Hauser-Schaüblin

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