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Journeys: Australia’s Connections with the World explored Indigenous trade, exchange and ceremony across Australia and into the Pacific over thousands of years. It traced the voyages of explorers and early settlers, migrants, and travellers and tourists journeying to and from Australia, along with stories of sportsmen and women, artists and scientists on the world stage today.

Journeys was on show at the National Museum of Australia from December 2008 to 17 March 2019.

Delve deeper into the Museum’s collection, to explore more about migration, exploration, settlement and travellers to and from Australia over time.

Exploration and settlement

Convict love tokens See detailed records for more than 300 rare convict mementos.
European voyages to the Australian continent Learn about trade, navigation, science and empire.
Object story: Joan Richmond’s number plate 1:38

An Australian woman’s remarkable drive to reach the 1932 Monte Carlo rally

Defining Moments: Convict love tokens 5:25

The significance of mementos made by convicts for friends and loved ones

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