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New Hebrides (Vanuatu)

Arrows made of reed or bamboo with the point made from hard black wood.


wood, plant fibre, Vanuatu, l. 97.5–159 cm, Inv. Oz 1145, 1263, 1264, 1517, 1212

A long S-shaped bow made of dark brown wood

Bow (s-shaped bow)

wood, Vanuatu, l. 158.5 cm, Inv. Oz 1218

Bow made of hard dark brown wood.


wood, Vanuatu, l. 143.3 cm, Inv. Oz 1155

Short bow made of brown wood.


wood, Vanuatu, l. 115 cm, Inv. Oz 1217

Long bow, made of brown wood. A strong cord made of three twisted strings made of hibiscus fibre, attached as a bowstring.


wood, Vanuatu, l. 134 cm, Inv. Oz 1258

Short bow made of brown wood that tapers sharply towards both ends.

Bow Oz

wood, Vanuatu, l. 162.5 cm, Inv. Oz 1262

Bracelet made of the bottom part of a large pearly Trochus shell.


trochus shell, Vanuatu, d. 11.7 cm (outside), 9.5 cm (inside), Inv. Oz 397

Bracelet made from the central strip of the hard coconut shell. A zigzag pattern has been cut into the outside, running all round in a repeat pattern.


coconut shell, Vanuatu, d. 9.2 cm (outside), 7.9 cm (inside), Inv. Oz 701

Digging stick made of a dark brown heavy wood.

Digging stick

wood, Vanuatu, l. 158 cm, d. 3.5 cm, Inv. Oz 1286

Panpipe consisting of nine bamboo segments arranged in one plane next to each other. The bamboo segments are bound together with plant fibre strips.


bamboo, plant fibre, Vanuatu, l. 3.9–12.7 cm, d. 0.5–1 cm, Inv. Oz 156

 long knotted staff or club made of wood nearly in its natural shape. The lower end is wrapped in coconut fibre.

Rhizome club

wood, Vanuatu, l. 170.4 cm, Inv. Oz 826

Spear made from a greyish-brown wood with its end resembling that of a billiard cue that tapers sharply towards the point.


wood, Vanuatu, l. 155 cm, Inv. Oz 1283

Spear made of hardwood that has been carved and smoothed.


wood, Vanuatu, l. 163 cm, Inv. Oz 1285

Stick made of wood.


wood, Vanuatu, l. 112.5 cm, Inv. Oz 1511



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