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Bow Oz

Bow Oz

Place: New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
Category: War

wood, Vanuatu, l. 162.5 cm, Inv. Oz 1262

Forster Register A. 8: ‘8 shorter [bows] made of brown wood’

The bow has a severely damaged ‘F’ label. It is plano-convex in cross-section and tapers sharply towards both ends. At one end is a notch, on one side only. Around this, as well as at the other tapering end, the bow (which elsewhere has a surface shining as if varnished) in places exhibits marked, rough dust (and perhaps also fungal) discolouration eaten into the surface, as if at one time there had been wrappings of various widths. There is a series of irregular elevations on the convex (inner) side of the bow, from tree branch nodes. For a hypothetical attribution of this object, the same applies as already noted for the bow Oz 1217. Volker Harms

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