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Portrait of Parlurn Harry Bullen. - click to view larger image

about 1923–2009, Walmajarri, Juwaliny language groups, Panaka skin group, Broome, Yulparija Artists

Born near the Canning Stock Route, Parlurn grew up in the country around Wirnpa.

As a young man, he met a droving team at Wajaparni (Well 38). He later moved to Anna Plains station, where he worked as a stockman, helping to build the station’s roads, fences and windmills.

He began painting in Broome, and his paintings of Wirnpa are held in various national collections.

An acyrlic on canvas dot and line painting. It has a black background beneath various dot and line geometric designs including eight blue larger dots connected by green and yellow lines and dots in the upper half of the work and another two blue larger dots on the left side.


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