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Education kit

A young woman is showing a toddler who is wearing headphones and sitting on the woman's lap a film camera mounted on a tripod. - click to view larger image

The education kit for Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route was written to be used with students from years 5 to 9.

Relevant learning areas: History, Society and Environment, Indigenous Studies, Visual Arts, Literacy, Civics and Citizenship, Science.

The kit includes:

  • An introduction aimed principally at teachers, which may also be useful for older students.
  • A map to locate the stock route and local Aboriginal communities.
  • Enquiry activities about key aspects of the exhibition.
  • Artist sheets – a set of 10 artworks from the exhibition.

Classroom resources

For details and to download the kit visit our Yiwarra Kuju resource

Further reading

The resource material on this website includes essays, plus the artworks, information about the artists, the art centres and the other people who participated in this project.

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