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Portrait of Jukuna Mona Chuguna. - click to view larger image

born about 1933, Walmajarri, Juwaliny language groups, Nakarra skin group, Fitzroy Crossing, Mangkaja Arts

Jukuna was born at Kurntumangujarti. While still a young girl, she fell in love with Kurrapa Peter Skipper and left the desert with him, travelling north to the station Country.

In the 1960s the couple moved to Fitzroy Crossing, where they began attending adult education classes in the 1980s. Jukuna wrote a Walmajarri-language account of her life for the book Two Sisters.

A painting on canvas with rows of trees with brown-black trunks and green foliage against a background of pink or yellow-green at the top and bottom. In the centre there is a dark purple oval shape edged with several bands of colour and surrounded by outlined shapes filled with dots of magenta, red, green, lime, black and white. To the right of the purple oval is a pale peach coloured area. The edge of the painting has multiple borders in red, orange, lime and green.

Tapu Country

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