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Portrait of Katapi Pulpurru Davies. - click to view larger image

born about 1939, Manyjilyjarra language group, Napangarti skin group, Patjarr community, Kayili Artists

I was born north of here [Patjarr] at Untaru. It’s only now ... that we’ve been living in communities. I travelled around to all the waterholes and country that belonged to our family. We used to live in our Country. We lived there for a long time and then we went to a place with houses, Warburton.

Pulpurru returned to her traditional Country when Patjarr community was established.

A painting on brown linen of interlocking deeply curved shapes in pink and dark pink dots, with some orange and pale pink dot filled shapes. The shapes are edged with lines of white and red dots and have a narrow line of black between them. There are two orange shapes towards the top centre, an apricot shape in the lower left and an orange shape at the lower right corner. Some of the black lines have an overlay of translucent yellow.

Minyma Kutjarra (Two Women)

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