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Portrait of Ngumarnu Norma Giles. - click to view larger image

born about 1952, Manyjilyjarra language group, Nakamarra skin group, Patjarr community, Kayili Artists

We lived in the bush. At that time we didn’t have any clothes. When we were children we used to live off the meat that our fathers and mothers killed ... We grew up on all that food from the land. We lived oblivious to [the] white man and his world.

Norma grew up in the bush at Patjarr before moving to Warburton and marrying Mr Giles. She and her family were instrumental in establishing Patjarr community in their homelands.

A painting on brown linen covered in concentric ovals and circles in white, light brown and dark brown with spaces between filled in the same colours. In the centre is a concentric circle with a flat bottom edge, and towards the bottom centre edge is a brown horizontal line with a C shape wrapped around each end. In the lower left corner the circles have wider white rings giving the appearance of a lighter area of ground.

Kapitu Kapitu

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