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Portrait of Yurnangurnu Nola Campbell. - click to view larger image

born 1948, Manyjilyjarra language group, Napaljarri skin group, Patjarr community and Wiluna, Kayili Artists

Nola Campbell grew up travelling in the Country between Kiwirrkurra and Kunawarritji.

She is related to Charlie Wallabi (Walapayi) Tjungurrayi and Nangkatji Josephine Nangala, whom she called father and mother, and Kumpaya Girgaba, her aunt.

Nola was taken to Warburton as a young woman and there she married her first husband. She moved to Wiluna and later Patjarr, where she later married artist Coiley Campbell.

A painting on brown linen with one blue square of solid paint in the upper left corner. There is a grid of red concentric circles, some with beige, black or yellow rings, connected by orange, yellow, white, black or beige striped lines, and with textured solid colours filling the spaces between. The square-like spaces are orange, pink, red, blue, black, brown, lavender, cream and pale green. Around the edge is a border in aqua, red, orange, yellow and beige with the top right and bottom left corners filled with solid colour.

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