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Now showing in Canberra

Lag | Meta | Aus: Home in the Torres Strait

Lag | Meta | Aus

Artworks, objects and stories from the Torres Strait.
From 20 June 2014. Free.

Warlpiri Drawings: Remembering the future

Warlpiri Drawings

An intriguing collection of Indigenous artworks.
From 15 August 2014. Free.

The Hall. Free.

Around Australia

Brisbane, Queensland Museumuntil 8 June 2015

Governor Lachlan Macquarie
Sydney, Macquarie Group Limitedfrom 15 September 2014

Geraldton, Western Australian Museumfrom 13 March 2015

Coming soon

The Home Front
National Museum of Australiafrom 3 April 2015

National Museum of Australiafrom 26 November 2015