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The National Museum of Australia’s international program shares great Australian stories with global audiences, brings the best of international collections to Australian audiences and develops strong partnerships with museums and galleries around the world.

The Museum’s award-winning First Nations exhibitions are sought after internationally and have toured to more than 50 countries across Europe, Asia, South America and beyond.

A man a two women inspect a large canvas painting in an exhibition space.

Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters in Germany

Touring exhibitions

The National Museum is taking Australian stories to the world. The breadth and diversity of human experience of the Australian continent and its remarkable environments are shared in exhibitions and programs.

The Museum has developed exhibition formats suitable for any venue, working flexibly and collaboratively with touring partners and host institutions to successfully meet the needs of individual venues and diverse audience markets.

International touring exhibitions

First Nations art and culture

The National Museum’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander exhibitions expose audiences to transformative experiences where deep truths are animated through exceptional contemporary art, offering a range of immersive and participatory experiences.

These touring exhibitions have everything from bark painting to virtual reality; digital flat screens to the world’s only travelling state-of-the-art digital dome; epic installations woven with spinifex grasses to Emmy award-winning multimedia presentations and luminous canvases.

Steven Morris, reviewing Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters in The Guardian wrote:

It is a vivid treat for the eye: astonishing bursts of reds, oranges, yellows that are bound to warm up visitors during the bleak British winter months.

But dig deeper and ancient stories about sustainability, community and acceptance that could hardly be better timed to emerge.

Prime Minister the Hon Anthony Albanese MP at the launch of Walking through a Songline in Phnom Penh.

Walking through a Songline launch, Cambodia

Graphic panel displays

This popular program, delivered in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, extends the reach of important Australian stories and places them in the global storytelling of human experience. Displays available for international tour include:

  • Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route
  • Old Masters: Australia’s Great Bark Artists
  • Evolution: Torres Strait Masks
  • The Yuendumu Doors
  • Australian of the Year

Contact us

If you are interested in hosting one of the National Museum’s international touring exhibitions, please email

Partnerships and cross-cultural exchange

Through meaningful and long-term relationships with international colleagues, the Museum continues to stimulate cultural exchange, develop a deeper dialogue between nations and increase engagement with audiences at home and abroad.

Staff exchanges, cross-country expertise and understanding, joint research, reciprocal programs, and face-to-face interpretation of touring exhibitions foster international connections.

The Museum's international program contributes to building a global community of museum professionals and allows the Museum to take an important role in the global conversation of First Nations peoples advocating internationally for the value of cultural collaborations.

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