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Early paintings by French explorers

Banded Hare Wallaby Exquisite illustrations by French artists made during Nicolas Baudin’s 1800s exploration of Australia will come to the country as the result of a deal between the Museum of Natural History in Le Havre, France, and six Australian museums, including the National Museum of Australia. View media release and illustrations

Museum launches First World War interactive

A detail from a postcard that features a soldier and a woman embracing. The Museum’s new interactive, Remembering 1914–18, seeks to create a national online connection to the people and events of the First World War. You can get involved by uploading an image of an object from 1914–18, and the story behind it. Explore Remembering 1914–18

Museum seeks help with autograph quilt

A section of the quilt embroidered with the initials 'H.T.' Can you help the Museum identify the 650 people whose embroidered signatures, names, monograms or initials appear on a rare autograph quilt? The quilt was made in Melbourne, Victoria about 1894. View more on the autograph quilt

Museum honours Aboriginal warrior Pemulwuy

Pemulwuy The life of Aboriginal warrior Pemulwuy is being honoured at the Museum as part of its Defining Moments project. The Museum has unveiled a plaque in its Main Hall, commemorating Pemulwuy’s campaign of resistance against Sydney colonists. View more on Pemulwuy