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24 April 2024

Visitors to the Museum are advised that the National Capital Authority (NCA) has closed an area on the Acton Peninsula eastern foreshore to undertake remediation as a precautionary public safety measure after the discovery of asbestos. Both the impacted land and the remediation works are managed by the NCA.

The site has been fenced and signposted, and will remain closed until late 2024 while remediation works are undertaken. This will prevent pedestrian access between the Museum building and the lake in the impacted area.

The public is requested to stay clear of the fenced area and encouraged to use formal paths, such as exiting pedestrian and cycle lanes, to avoid the risks of further degrading the landscape and exposing historic buried asbestos.

Historic asbestos has been identified in several locations on the Acton Peninsula eastern foreshore over recent years. The NCA has removed asbestos from localised hot spots and undertaken temporary remediation along the shoreline of the eastern foreshore, in accordance with work, health and safety legislation and the Acton Peninsula Asbestos Management Plan.

Air quality testing conducted by experts has shown results below the lowest detectable limit, meaning that air quality remains safe. The NCA will continue to monitor air quality while ground remediation works are undertaken and will provide further updates to the community as required.

A long-term permanent solution is being explored through the Acton Peninsula Pedestrian Path Project, which would create a dedicated pedestrian and cyclist pathway along the Acton Peninsula shoreline between West Basin and the National Museum of Australia.

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A map showing closures on the Acton Peninsula eastern foreshore as a precautionary public safety measure after the discovery of asbestos
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