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Player donates gear

Liz Ellis sits in front of display case showing imagaes, netball and green and gold 'Ellis GK' uniform. - click to view larger image
Liz Ellis visits the National Museum's netball display, National Museum of Australia

Former Australian netball team captain Liz Ellis has represented Australia more times than any other netball player.

In 2007, Liz donated some of her netball memorabilia to the National Museum of Australia. The collection includes representative uniforms and a flag souvenired from the 1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games.

Liz's donation to the National Historical Collection helps to document the development of the game. Netball has the highest participation rate of any team sport played by women and girls in Australia.

Curator Cinnamon van Reyk said Liz was a well-known ambassador for Australian netball and that her high profile had contributed to the popularity of the sport.

Liz first played netball for Australia in 1993 and became captain in 2004. The champion goal keeper won several national netball titles as captain of the Sydney Swifts team.

She is passionate about equality in sport and campaigns for sponsorship and a better deal for players.

Netball over time

Netball has provided important and rare opportunities for women to shape sport. Today, it is played in about 50 countries, mostly member states of the British Commonwealth.

A golden yellow polyester netball skirt. The skirt is pleated, in alternating wide and narrow pleats. The front panel of the skirt is unpleated and signed in black ink by the members of the Australian women's netball team.
Australian netball team uniform skirt worn by Liz Ellis on her debut in 1993, National Museum of Australia

Key developments in the history of the sport include:

  • A new form of basketball is developed in the United States in 1871
  • Women's basketball is introduced to England in 1890
  • Immigrant teachers bring the game to Australia, with the first recorded game recorded in Australia in 1897
  • The contemporary version of netball is codified in 1970
  • Australia wins the gold medal at the 1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games, the first games to officially include netball on the program.


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