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Portrait of Mikarri Shirley Brown - click to view larger image

born 1961, Walmajarri language group, Nangala skin group, Mulan community, Paruku Indigenous Protected Area

Shirley is the daughter of Bessie Doonday and Malcolm Brown, whose father was the Billiluna station manager, Len Brown. She was born in Billiluna and grew up with her grandmother in Alice Springs.

In 2001 her elders asked her to set up the Paruku Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). Shirley continues to work for the IPA today, running Caring for Country, Ranger and Collecting Traditional Knowledge programs.

A long rectangular dot painting on canvas showing a topographical map of a region with a lake or river system which starts at the lower right side and moves up the centre to the top. There is a red wavy line and pink-brown lines like tracks or roads on the painting. The sections in the painting are dotted with different colour combinations including lime green and green, pink and green, beige and black, yellow and orange, blue, yellow and orange, black, grey and brown, pink and purple and others.


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