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Campaigning for horses

A small can with a white lid and label showing a horse's head with a target marked on its forehead. Text reads 'Horsielicious: It's the racing industry's retirement plan in a can'. - click to view larger image
Can of Horsielicious

In recent times campaigners have insisted that people have no justification for making horses suffer by putting them in danger, overly controlling their natural behaviours or working them to their physical limits.

Activists have fostered public debate about horses being involved in activities such as racing, jumping, rodeo and other high-performance sports.

Many horses bred for the track have only short careers. Since 2008 the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses has advocated for long-term care for these horses.

In a 2014 campaign the coalition displayed cans of ‘Horsielicious: the racing industry’s retirement plan in a can’ to raise awareness of the need for a retirement plan to prevent horses being slaughtered for pet food.

A man wearing a blood-spattered white apron holds a can of 'Horsielicious' in front of him.
Ward Young at the Magic Millions event

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