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Collection Explorer Defining Moments in Australian History Remembering 1914-1918. Objects, stories and emotions


Twitter Q&A with #NMAEncounters curators

Museum curators Pat Williamson, Ian Coates and Jay Arther Join us on Monday 30 November for an online Twitter Q&A with the curators of Encounters, and find out more about this landmark project. More on the Twitter Q&A

Official visit by HRH The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales with Noongar artist Peter Farmer. As part of his Remembrance Day visit to Canberra, HRH The Prince of Wales visited the National Museum of Australia. More on the Royal Visit

We like Aeroplane Jelly!

Aeroplane Jelly's distinctive 'whistling boy' and 'Above All' slogan on the top of the Model-T Ford truck A 1920s Model-T Ford truck used to promote Aeroplane Jelly is now on show at the Canberra Airport. More on the Aeroplane Jelly truck

What is a Defining Moment?

Defining Moments panel discussion at the National Museum of Australia. Leading Australian thinkers George Megalogenis, Michelle Arrow, Jackie Huggins and Gideon Haigh discuss what makes a defining moment in Australian history. Watch the video