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Governor Lachlan Macquarie exhibition

Governor Lachlan Macquarie The Museum, in collaboration with Macquarie Group Limited, has produced an exhibition in Sydney that highlights Governor Macquarie's lasting contribution to social reform, exploration and urban development in Australia and New South Wales. View more about the Governor Lachlan Macquarie exhibition on show in Sydney


Pieces of heart The Museum has discovered what it believes are anatomical parts of the revered Australian racehorse, Phar Lap. View more on the missing pieces of Phar Lap's heart

Media release

A yellow Torana The Museum has acquired the 1977 Torana, which was central to the conviction and ultimate exoneration of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, over the 1980 disappearance of their daughter, Azaria. View full media release

My pony club story

A girl leading a pony Share your pony club story and photo with us as part of the exhibition, Spirited: Australia's Horse Story. Go to My pony club story

Springfield collection

A photograph of a man and two women Share the rich story of a family’s lives and loves, pets and picnics through this remarkable collection of objects and photos. Go to the Springfield collection

Horses in Australia

A man and a horse Explore the enduring connection between horses and humans in Australia as we work towards our upcoming exhibition, Spirited: Australia's Horse Story. Go to Horses in Australia

Cycling in Australia

A photograph of two boys with bikes Share the story of Australians and their bikes as we prepare to launch our new travelling exhibition, Freewheeling: Cycling in Australia. Go to Cycling in Australia

Food Stories

Three children standing in front of a garden bed showing their muddy hands. School gardens, the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Program and objects from our collection. Go to Food Stories