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How has changing technology affected people’s lives? What was life like during your parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods? Find out how people communicated in the past.

Communication 13:31


  • How many objects can you find at home to use for communication?
  • Ask a parent or grandparent about how they communicated differently when they were your age.
  • Draw a picture of a communication object from the past and one from the present.

Australian Curriculum links

Year 1 History

Differences and similarities between students' daily lives and life during their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods (ACHASSK030)

Year 2 History

How changing technology affected people’s lives (at home and in the ways they worked, travelled, communicated and played in the past) (ACHASSK046)

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LCO Aumuller Powhattan Hankow. Sailing today, love George, InnesTelegram with green print; "Ministry of Communications Telegraph Office". The telegram message reads "LCO Aumuller Powhattan Hankow. Sailing today, love George, Innes".
Radio with handset, speaker, and antennaBarrett Model SB250RC radio, pale grey-beige in colour with a black front. Includes a remote head with buttons on the front and a sticker on the top indicating day and night frequencies, with a handset and a length of cable attached to the rear. It also includes a GME / Electrophone black speaker and an R.F. Industries antenna.
Siemens Brothers Morse Code PrinterA morse code printing machine with a brass body mounted on a timber base. The printer is branded "Silvertown".
New South Wales Postal Service cylindrical red cast iron post boxNew South Wales (NSW) Postal Service cylindrical cast iron red painted pillar box with a letter slot on two sides. A finial of a stylised waratah with embossed acanthus leaves sits on top of the box. It has a "Triggs & Marr Sydney" trademark. The padlock is engraved with "Jacksons NSWG".
Brown wooden wall telephone with a black plastic handset and wooden pegA brown wooden wall telephone with a black plastic handset, and a silver metal dial with numbers and letters accompanied by a wooden peg. The centre of the dial features the words 'TELEPHONE No. / K8M' and 'LISTEN FOR / DIAL TONE'. The front of the telephone is hinged at the right and opens. '3818' is carved on the right inner ...
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