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Explore the different ways that people imagine and use water in Australia, and learn how stories connect us to places, at the National Museum of Australia.

Tasmanian bark canoe Learn about this modern bark canoe, made to an ancient blueprint.
Paddle Steamer Enterprise Discover the Enterprise, one of oldest working paddle steamers in the world.
Collection Explorer Search for more watery treasures in the Museum's collection.
On water Explore a writer’s reflections on water and objects in the National Museum’s collection.
Kenya station windmill Discover how farming and water technology work together in the outback.
Critical undercurrents Explore the stories of people, politics and creative projects from the Murray-Darling Basin.
Snowy Scheme collection Explore the Museum's collection of objects related to the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme.
Martumili Ngurra canvas Discover one of the largest artworks in the Museum's collection — a map of waterholes and springs.
Basin Authority collection Learn about the protests of Murray-Darling Basin irrigation communities.
Yawkyawk sculptures This collection of woven pandanus sculptures depicts the Yawkyawk, a female Ancestral being found in the freshwater pools and streams of Western Arnhem Land.
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