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Bird figure made of bone that represents a water bird resting on a flat oval base.

Bird figure

bone, Unalaska or Chukot Peninsula, northern Pacific, l. 3 cm, h. 1.8 cm, w. 1.5 cm, Inv. Am 1079

Bow made of wood slightly and unevenly bent, being narrower in the middle, and ends.


wood, Cook Inlet (presumably), l. 135 cm, w. 2.4 cm, d. 1.5 cm, Inv. Am 689

Hat ornament made of the bone of a marine animal, carved into the form of a seated male figure, with eye sockets large and deep, and mouth slightly open.

Hat ornament

bone, Unalaska, northern Pacific, l. 2.4 cm, w. 1.5 cm, Inv. Am 710

Short arrow made of fir wood, feathered, and pointed with bone having two barbs and also an additional point made of a blue slate ground very sharp.

Shaft of an arrow

wood, feathers, plant fibre, animal skin, Unalaska, northern Pacific, l. 54 cm, Inv. Am 1100

Two spear throwers made of wood.

Spear-thrower and spear-thrower hasgooc

Spear-thrower, wood, Unalaska, northern Pacific, l. 50.3 cm, w. 4.3 cm, Inv. Am 655; Spear-thrower hasgooc, wood, Unalaska, northern Pacific, l. 48.2 cm, w. 4.5 cm, Inv. Am 685



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