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Portrait of Muni Rita Simpson. - click to view larger image

about 1941 to 2008, Manyjilyjarra language group, Milangka skin group, Punmu community, Martumili Artists

Muni was born at Junpunkinja, close to Kurtararra in the Percival Lakes. She grew up with her sisters, Jugarda Dulcie Gibbs and Mantararr Rosie Williams and moved to Jigalong after the death of their father in 1957.

Muni and Rosie married two brothers who worked as stockmen on various stations in the Pilbara. They also mined for tin in Marble Bar before moving to Punmu community in the 1980s.

Muni was among the first Martu women to begin painting on canvas.

An acrylic dot and line painting on linen, featuring a vertical red line at the centre which is narrower at the top than the bottom, surrounded by thirteen blue dots to the left and right of the red line. The rest of the painting contains alternating white, yellow, brown and orange lines and dots.

Minyipuru (Seven Sisters)

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