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Portrait of Mayarn Julia Lawford. - click to view larger image

born about 1942, Wangkajunga, Walmajarri language groups, Napanangka skin group, Kupartiya community, Ngurra Artists

Mayarn was a little girl when she fell down a goanna hole and broke her leg while travelling on the stock route with her parents. The droving team, whose camels had frightened her, put her leg in a splint.

A respected law woman and singer of Majarrka, Mayarn is the mother of Canning Stock Route Project translator Putuparri Tom Lawford.

An oval bundle of red brown and dark brown two ply hair string with red pigment and off white tufts of plant fibre mixed through it. One end has a string coiled and tied around it.

Tungkul (hairstring)

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