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Portrait of Lumu Lucy Loomoo. - click to view larger image

born about 1935, Kukatja language group, Nungurrayi skin group, Balgo community, Warlayirti Artists

Lucy was born with bandicoot Dreaming. She grew up around Kalyuyangku and travelled south of Well 33 along the stock route, becoming an adult while living east of Wantili (Well 25).

Lucy and her husband, Wiyangari, who belonged to Piparr Country, were among the last people to move to Balgo mission. Lucy began painting at Warlayirti in 1992.

A painting on brown linen of a concentric circle with radiating lines within each ring, on a background of purple. The colours include grey with pink, cream with dark green, yellow with purple-pink and orange with cream.


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