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Ngaliya and Warlpiri people

Portrait photo of an Aboriginal Australian man crouched down wearing a beanie. - click to view larger image


David Corby worked as a stockman before joining the early group of artists at Papunya. One of the youngest of the group, he was influenced in his work by his father-in-law. He travelled with exhibitions to New Zealand and Nigeria, and was artist-in-residence at Flinders University in South Australia in 1979. He drowned in a flooded creek on his way back to Papunya shortly after being elected chairman of Papunya Tula Artists.

David Corby Tjapaltjarri


Aboriginal painting.
Dreaming of Matjadji (Matjatji)

Dreaming of Matjadji, 1975

This painting represents a men's Dreaming story that passed through a waterhole site referred to in the title. The ceremony at the site involved young initiates receiving instruction from an elder, represented by the U shape, with the sinuous line indicating the track followed by the initiates during the ceremony. The arc shapes, which are the body paint symbols applied to the participants legs, are further reflected in the ground pattern.

David Corby Tjapaltjarri Dreaming

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