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Cracker biscuits spread with Vegemite. One cracker has a toothpick with the Australian flag on it.
Vegemite on crackers, complete with the Australian flag

Nostalgic links

In the 1950s, Vegemite spoke of Australian vitality and innocence. Today it provides a connection back to seemingly simpler times and is symbolic of the reverence for the ordinary in Australian culture.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd tapped into this when he declared in the 2007 election campaign that he was a 'toast and Vegemite sort of guy'.

Vegemite's links to nostalgia are evident in contemporary advertising campaigns, which often hark back to the original 'happy little Vegemites' ad of the 1950s.

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Jar of VegemiteUnopened 175 gram jar of Vegemite. It has a yellow plastic lid, and a yellow, red, white and black label.
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