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Each year, the Australian of the Year Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements and contributions of outstanding Australians across four categories.

The awards operate in several stages. They start at the community level, with nominations being invited from the public. State and territory selection panels choose finalists in each of the four award categories, announced from October to November each year.

The final stage is when the board of the National Australia Day Council chooses the national recipients, announced on the eve of Australia Day each year.

Listed below are the 2015 state and territory recipients of other award categories.

Senior Australian of the Year

Rewarding Australians aged 60 and over who continue to achieve and contribute

  • Sandra Mahlberg, humanitarian and volunteer, Australian Capital Territory
  • Jackie French, author, New South Wales
  • Eddie Robertson, elder and community leader, Northern Territory
  • Fred Hyde AM, philanthropist, Queensland
  • John Swan, musician and volunteer, South Australia
  • Professor Henry Reynolds, historian, Tasmania
  • Professor Sam Berkovic AC, neurologist, Victoria
  • Graham Mabury OAM, radio presenter and social justice leader, Western Australia

Young Australian of the Year

Profiling exceptional young Australians aged 16 to 30

  • Patrick Mills, basketball superstar, Australian Capital Territory
  • Genevieve Clay-Smith, filmmaker and social entrepreneur, New South Wales
  • Chantal Ober, community leader, Northern Territory
  • Yassmin Abdel-Magied, engineer and social advocate, Queensland
  • Kristin Carson, scientist, South Australia
  • Adam Mostogl, business mentor, Tasmania
  • Thomas King, environmental activist, Victoria
  • Drisana Levitzke-Gray, deaf advocate, Western Australia

Australia's Local Hero

Acknowledging extraordinary contributions made by Australians in their local community

  • Damian De Marco, child sexual assault campaigner, Australian Capital Territory
  • Kevin Robinson, charity founder, New South Wales
  • Ray Palmer, veterans’ champion, Northern Territory
  • Juliette Wright, social entrepreneur, Queensland
  • Vince Coulthard, Indigenous elder, South Australia
  • Mary Kay, volunteer radio operator, Tasmania
  • Louise Davidson, breast cancer fundraiser, Victoria
  • Stacy Dunbar, road safety campaigner, Western Australia
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