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  • 9am–5pm
  • Free general admission
  • Shop
Year levels


Group size

45–55 students

Note: minimum charge 45 students


2 hours


$18 per student


Tuesday, 5–7pm, 7–9pm

Have you ever wondered what happens after the Museum’s doors close?

Museum After Hours is an interactive night-time experience uncovering intriguing stories from history. Students explore the Museum galleries after dark through a range of immersive activities linked to colonial Australia, migration and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

The Museum Shop and Cafe will be closed.


To provide students with a brief overview of the Museum’s galleries by introducing them to the Museum’s main themes and the links between objects.


  • Introductory activity – students are introduced to the history of the site on which the National Museum of Australia stands.
  • Gallery activity – working in groups under adult supervision, students explore the Museum’s galleries to investigate objects and stories.
  • Reflection activity – students consider why the Museum displays particular objects and discuss what objects could be included on display.
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