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This thing called Australia

PACER program

Year levels


Group size

Up to 60 students


1 hour with Museum educator


$7 per student


Tuesday to Thursday, 9am, 11am and 1pm

Can you think of an event in our history that has helped shape our nation?

What about an event in your lifetime that has changed Australia?

Making a Nation is a Museum educator-led program where students investigate the theme of nationhood by handling objects and exploring the Museum’s galleries.


  • Give students an opportunity to explore key events and periods that have shaped Australia, through object handling and gallery exploration.
  • Help students understand time, continuity and change through the construction and examination of timelines, and gallery exploration.


  • Introductory activity – students explore objects that relate to key events and ideas in Australia’s history, and then construct a timeline to discuss change in Australia.
  • Gallery activity – working in groups, students will engage in gallery activities that enable them to explore Australia’s development as a nation.
  • Reflection and analysis – students will reflect on the objects they have explored and explain why these objects' stories are important to Australian history and national identity.

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