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Cultural continuity and change

PACER program

Year levels


Group size

Up to 55 students


90 minutes


$7 per student (2021)
$9 per student (2022)


Tuesday to Thursday, 9.30am and 11.30am

How many years have Indigenous peoples been living in Australia?

In A Living Culture students handle and explore a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander objects to help them understand the ways in which Indigenous cultures have evolved and adapted in the last 200 years.

This program provides students with the opportunity to use an iPad to photograph objects that illustrate an aspect of Australia’s First Peoples’ living culture.


  • Consider how Indigenous cultures have adapted and evolved since 1788.
  • Discuss aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture including identity, diversity and spirituality.


  • Introductory activity — students investigate a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander objects, considering what the objects are and their use — both in the past and present.
  • Gallery activity — working in groups, students explore the First Australians gallery and photograph objects that represent an aspect of Indigenous Australians’ living culture.
  • Reflection — students gather to discuss their selected images and how they might be used for further research and reflect on the continuing cultures of Australia’s Indigenous peoples.

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