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Cultural continuity and change

PACER program

Year levels


Group size

Up to 60 students


1 hour with Museum educator


$7 per student


Tuesday to Thursday, 9am, 11am and 1pm

How many years have Indigenous peoples been living in Australia?

In A Living Culture students handle and explore a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander objects to help them understand the ways in which Indigenous cultures have evolved and adapted in the last 200 years.


  • Consider how Indigenous cultures have adapted and evolved since 1788.
  • Discuss aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture including identity, diversity and spirituality.


  • Introductory activity – students investigate a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander objects, considering what the objects are and their use – both in the past and present.
  • Gallery activity – working in groups, students explore objects in the First Australians gallery that represent an aspect of Indigenous Australians’ living culture.
  • Reflection – students gather to discuss how the objects represent the continuing cultures of Australia’s Indigenous peoples.

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