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A present shaped by the past

PACER program

Year levels


Group size

Up to 60 students


1 hour with Museum educator


$7 per student


Weekdays, hourly, 9am to 4pm

In Deadly Defining Moments students are introduced to defining moments in Australia’s history, through the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Students explore the Museum’s galleries, using objects and displays to unpack how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience and activism connects with civics and citizenship in Australia.


  • Introduce students to some defining moments in Australia’s history.
  • Provide students with a brief overview of the Museum’s galleries by introducing them to the Museum’s main themes and the link between objects, personal stories and active citizenship.


  • Introductory activity – students are introduced to the connection between the Museum’s objects and personal stories through a short interpretive presentation about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ experiences of citizenship in Australia. The education officer will also give a brief orientation to the Museum’s galleries and other available activities.
  • Gallery activity – working in groups, students explore further examples of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experience and active citizenship. The school’s own staff help to supervise these gallery activities.

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