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Plaited bands of varying thickness made of coconut fibres, and other plants. Some wrapped around old playing cards.


coconut fibre, unattributed, w. 0.3–0.8 cm, Inv. Oz 370–375

Thirty-two samples of individual square pieces of barkcloth, bound in light green leather.

Barkcloth sample card

unattributed, l. 143 cm, w. 27.5 cm, Inv. Oz 638

Clubs made of brown, heavy wood, one of nearly black wood.


wood, unattributed, l. 116.5 cm; l. 124 cm, Inv. Oz 546, 547

Cords made of grass, fibres of the coconut, and other plants; a kind of flax, and various other materials.


grass or flax, unattributed, w. 0.1–0.4 cm, Inv. Oz 518, 519, 198, 199

Necklace made from bird bones and small snail shells.

Neck ornament

bird bones, snail shells, plant fibre, unattributed, l. 80 cm, Inv. Oz 197

Necklace made from shell, coconut shell, tortoiseshell, bone and teeth.

Neck ornament tuinga kahoa

shell, coconut shell, tortoiseshell, bone, teeth, unattributed, possibly Tonga, l. 80 cm, Inv. Oz 220

Wooden spears that are thin at the lower end and gradually thicken to an engraved pattern. One spear is bound near the point with bark cloth.


wood, unattributed, l. 213 cm; l. 259.5 cm, Inv. Oz 1287, 1288



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