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Barkcloth sample card

Barkcloth sample card

Place: Unknown
Category: Barkcloth

unattributed, l. 143 cm, w. 27.5 cm, Inv. Oz 638

32 samples of barkcloth, the individual pieces nearly square with c. 5 cm long sides, bound in light-green leather.

The pieces of barkcloth are samples from larger pieces present in the Cook/Forster Collection, described in more detail in the respective catalogue sections (Tahiti and the Society Islands, Tonga, Hawaii). Corners of varying size have been cut from many of these pieces, although these corners are still larger than the pieces mounted on this sample card. The cut-out pieces were probably used to make several sample cards; the whereabouts of the other cards is unfortunately unknown. It may be assumed that there may have been several such sample cards in various collections and museums at that time, and that they may perhaps still be extant today. Insa Wendt

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