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Tierra del Fuego

Left image: Harpoon point or fish spear made of possibly whalebone, with ten barbs on one side. Right image:  Also a harpoon point made of whalebone, with only one barb.

Harpoon or lance point

Harpoon or lance point, bone, possibly whalebone, Tierra del Fuego, l. 29 cm, w. 2.4 cm, Inv. Am 47 (right)

Ornamental band made of small Trochi Shells, and plaited together from sinew cord.

Ornamental band uspúka

snail shells, Tierra del Fuego, l. 38 cm, Inv. Am 14

Sling made of plaited cordage affixed to opposite ends of a diamond-shaped pouch, made of brown leather.

Sling sinka

leather, animal sinew, Tierra del Fuego, l. 165 cm, 15 cm (pouch), Inv. Am 15



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