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We are excited to announce that three new short animated videos, focusing on critical moments in Australian history, have been launched.

Dealing with Federation, the 1967 Indigenous Referendum, and the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme, the animations combine the talents of writer and historian David Hunt and illustrator Lucinda Gifford from Melbourne’s Sketch Group to bring these pivotal events to life.

Defining Moments: 1967 Referendum 6:10

The new animations complement five existing short videos, made by the same team, dealing with the Victorian gold rush, Eureka Stockade, the introduction of the secret ballot, women’s suffrage and the Castle Hill rebellion.

Creating the animations

The animations were made by combining the talents of a writer and an illustrator. David Hunt developed scripts based on his knowledge of the subjects, then the clever Lucinda Gifford turned his words into pictures.

Both the scripts and illustrations were refined over time, then voices were added. It was a fun and creative process that everyone enjoyed being part of.

A woman sits at a studio desk sketching an animation using digital equipment.
Lucinda Gifford from Sketch Group working on illustrating the Snowy Hydro Scheme animation

Animations in schools

These animations are widely used by school students and history buffs. The latest in the series will be a valuable tool to help engage young people in Australia’s fascinating past.

The animations use humour and quirky facts to convey their messages. For example, did you know that Australia’s first prime minister had the nickname ‘Toby Tosspot’! Or that of all of Australia’s ‘big things’, the Snowy Scheme is the biggest, but has the smallest name — ‘The Snowy’.

All of these moments are also featured on the Defining Moments timeline. We hope you enjoy the animations!

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