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Portrait of Morika Biljabu. - click to view larger image
Morika Biljabu

born 1988, Manyjilyjarra language group, Purungu skin group, Punmu community, Martumili Artists

Morika lives at Punmu in the heart of Martu Country. Her passion for her family and community inspires all of her film and photographic work.

She joined the Canning Stock Route Project in 2007 for the 'return to Country' trip at Well 36. She recorded the artists' workshops and produced a film featuring her grandmother, Jakayu Biljabu.

In 2008 her photographs were published in the Weekend Australian magazine. That same year she held her first solo exhibition, Ngayunpala Kujungka (We Are One).

Canning Stock Route and Surrounding Country 2008 by Kumpaya Girgaba, Ngamaru Bidu, Mabel Warkarta, Nola Taylor, Thelma Judson, Marjorie Yates, Dulcie Gibbs, Yuwali Janice Nixon, Rosie Williams, Nora Nangapa, Bugai Whylouter, Nora Wompi, Jakayu Biljabu and Morika Biljabu, Martumili Artists. Acrylic on canvas.

Canning Stock Route and Surrounding Country

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