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Portrait of George Tuckerbox. - click to view larger image

born about 1950s, Wangkajunga, Kukatja language groups, Japangarti skin group, Wangkatjungka community, Ngurra Artists

Tuckerbox is the brother of Wimmitji Tjapangarti. He was born near Kiwirrkurra and travelled to Paruku before settling at Christmas Creek station.

He worked as a drover and spent time in the Northern Territory shooting buffalo until Cyclone Tracy hit in 1974. His sister, who was living in Darwin, was killed.

Tuckerbox lives in Wangkatjungka with his wife, Mayapu Elsie Thomas and is a skilled carver.

A beige brown wooden concave oval container with ends that curve up. The outer surface is smoothed and shows the grain of the wood, as well as some darker stain-like patches. The inner surface is a red-brown colour and has a rough texture with unevenly shaped holes.

Ngurti (coolamon)

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