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Portrait of Elizabeth Nyumi. - click to view larger image

born about 1947, Kukatja, Manyjilyjarra, and Ngaanyatjarra language groups, Nungurrayi skin group, Billiluna community, Warlayirti Artists

Nyumi was a young girl travelling with her older brothers, Kamara Brandy and Patrick Olodoodi (Alatuti) Tjungurrayi, when they encountered the helicopter at Natawalu in 1957. It was the first time she had seen white men.

Nyumi spent some years at Balgo mission before moving to Billiluna to raise a family with her husband, Palmer Gordon. She began painting in the late 1980s.

A textured heavily dotted multicoloured painting on brown linen with three purple and pink dotted ovals creating a triangular feature in the centre of the painting. The painting is covered with dot filled sections in pastels of yellow, pink, apricot, lavender and white. There are nine round dark pink shapes spaced across the canvas, and covered in a combination of yellow, orange or pink dots. In the top right corner are two dark pink parallel horizontal curved dotted lines, and at the top centre is a spoked wheel shaped motif of dots in yellow and pink on the black background.

Mangarri (Food)

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