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Portrait of Nada Rawlins. - click to view larger image

born about 1936, Wangkajunga language group, Purungu skin group, Wangkatjungka community, Ngurra Artists

I come from desert, young girl. Come or hospital ... no motor car, we carried everything: swag, billycan, on our heads.

Nada was born and grew up near Kiriwirri. During a severe drought in the 1950s, Nada’s family, seeking medical attention for painful sores on her arms and legs, took her north along the stock route.

They lived at Moola Bulla station, before reuniting with family at Wangkatjungka.

A framed acrylic on paper painting. It features a brown/orange background with a blue dot in the centre, green lines at the top and bottom and alternating white, red, green, yellow and pink sloping lines.


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